Have a Synology NAS? Need a Security system?....budget DIY guide here!

Posted on May 06 2018

Have a Synology NAS? Need a Security system?....budget DIY guide here!

I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet. Not sure who to credit, love UberEATS but this would make life sooo much easier!! However some technology we are seriously impressed with is the Video Management Software add-on that runs on your Synology NAS or NVR turning it into a sophisticated security camera system. The Synology Surveillance Station (VMS) software enables remote recording and monitoring of video footage from network attached cameras you have paired with your DiskStation. Best of all it is quick and easy to do, and if you are only using two cameras - totally free!!

If you already own a Synology DiskStation or RackStation simply login to your NAS (if not, then check out these Synology products), head on over to the Package Centre, search for 'Surveillance Station' - and don’t forget that this software is yours to use free - no software fees - nil, nada! Once the software is installed you will need to add in your cameras. And this is the other really cool feature - over 6000 different cameras and video servers are compatible with Surveillance Station allowing easy integration with your existing setup. So for the environmentally conscious read the full compatibility list here and see if you can repurpose your current cameras, or pick up a compatible secondhand option online. The DiskStation and RackStation include two device licences pre-installed by default, if you require more they can be purchased here Synology Surveillance License Pack.

Once you have your cameras configured (and a small hint here, to get everything working smoothly you may require administrator access.) So before you start the process log on to your camera’s web interface and confirm you have the account privileges required. If not, a quick chat with your SysAdmin, or the camera manufacturer, should have you set up with any privileges you need to configure the parameters, and capture video streams, in no time.

With Surveillance Station you have the option of viewing the action as it happens via the Live View feed, or record and playback when you require. The fluency of Live View via the web interface (Internet Explorer and Safari are the recommended browsers) is dependent on the processing and graphics power of your viewing system. However, viewing from your desktop via the downloadable Surveillance Station Client will most likely result in a superior experience. Take note, any local antivirus programs may impact on the performance of Live View, so click here for some handy hints to reduce your antivirus impact and ensure you experience the best viewing possible.

The other really handy feature of the Surveillance Station is that you have 24x7 anywhere, anytime access to your security system providing you have a network connection and configured appropriately. Just search for the ‘DS Cam’ app in the App or Android store and you will be all set for mobile monitoring of your site. You can switch between cameras to change your Live View, or with the press of a button stream multiple feeds via Live View. The app also allows you to search past events and take a snapshot for later use.

So, not only does your Synology DS offer some of the most easy to use, cost effective, best performing storage around, it also offers you a reliable and intuitive surveillance option with easy to use tools and intelligent monitoring. This is a not to be underestimated, and we think under-utilised tool, to safeguard your home or business. So, why not protect your place today!

Please contact the Epowermac Team for advice on choosing a storage system for your home or small business needs.

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