OWC Neptune 6G SSD


  • Product Description

      Speed Up Your Mac or PC

      The affordable SSD built for everyday computing tasks

      Introducing the OWC Neptune 6G SSD

      Neptune 6G SSDs (2.5" Serial-ATA) deliver the extra performance you need for your everyday computing tasks. Designed to bring new life to your Mac or PC, Neptune increases speed and capacity without breaking the bank. Built to the same exacting standards as all OWC SSDs, Neptune makes upgrading your computer an easy, smart decision. Get ready to love your computer again.
      Life in the fast lane
      From booting to browsing, launching apps and editing projects, upgrading your factory drive to a Neptune SSD puts your computer's performance back in the fast lane, with blazing fast internal speeds. Neptune SSDs are built with technologies that outperform your computer's spinning hard disk, but without a single moving part. It makes for internal storage that's not just faster, but far more rugged and reliable than your computer's hard drive today.

      Ready, set, go

      Upgrading your computer and migrating your data to a new Neptune SSD is easy. OWC gives you everything you need to make the upgrade a breeze, including step-by-step installation videos and a technical support team that is a live chat or call away to help if needed. Ready to make your computer feel like new? Upgrade with an OWC Neptune SSD.
      Accelerate every task. Every time.
      Neptune SSDs are engineered to perform your everyday computing tasks faster than you've ever experienced. Featuring top-tier TLC NAND flash with 6GB of super-fast cache, everything about your computer will feel faster.
  • Product Details

    • Variant: 250GB
    • SKU: OWCS3D7N250S
    • Product Type: SSD

In Depth


But Neptune SSDs aren’t just built for speed. Sophisticated on-board technologies like advanced error-correction and intelligent recycling mean Neptune SSDs are ultra-reliable and won’t slow down over time. For an SSD that delivers the reliability and performance you demand - for every task, every time - Neptune is the perfect choice.
Quality matters
For over 25 years, OWC has delivered innovative, high-quality upgrade and connectivity solutions to improve the performance and extend the life of computers. Each Neptune SSD undergoes comprehensive testing for quality, and is backed by OWC's award-winning U.S.-based lifetime support.