Calitronics instaCHARGE 8000mAh


  • Product Description

      8000mAh Portable Qi Wireless Charger with Dual-USB Power Bank

      Great for wirelessly charging your iPhone 8 or newer device!

      High capacity battery
      With the instaCHARGE system on hand, your portable power needs are covered. This handy device packs 8,000 mAh of charging capacity into a small unit you can take anywhere. 
      Wired or Wireless
      With the wireless capabilities of the Calitronics instaCharge Power Bank a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Simply place your wireless charging compatible phone on the wireless symbol and then sit back and enjoy the ease of wireless charging.
      Built-in LED Light
      Ideal for finding your keys or lighting your way in the dark, the instaCHARGE system comes with a built-in LED flashlight. To operate the LED, simply push the power button to turn the light on or off.
      iOS/Android Compatible
      Operates with both iOS and Android devices. Wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or greater. Comes with a 2-in-1 Charging Cable (Lightning/Micro USB) for ultimate compatibility.

      Note: If left idle for 3 seconds or more , the EL-8000W Portable Charger will turn off to the conserve battery power. This device has circuitry that prevents accidental overcharging of the battery.
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