LaCie Rugged RAID 5TB HDD


  • Product Description

      Tough in the Field.

      Fast Everywhere.Thunderbolt speeds of up to 130 MB/s1Up to 5 TB for large project storageUSB-C for universal connectivityBus powered for complete mobilityShock, dust, and water resistant for all-terrain usedesign by neil poulton

      Product Overview

       Legendary Rugged® toughness meets USB-C compatibility, blazing-fastThunderbolt speeds, and optional SSD performance for up to 510 MB/s(up to 130 MB/s with HDD). Also featuring a tethered cable and IP54-rated resistance to the elements, this Rugged drive means you don’t haveto compromise between durability, mobility and speed.

      Use Cases

      On-the-Go Content Creators: Universal compatibility, mobility,durability, and lightning-fast transfer speeds let these users movedata quickly, wherever they go.Secure Mobile Storage: Protects against drops of up to 1.5 metres(5 feet), dust, water, being run over by a 1 tonne car.2Large File Sharing: Professionals, consumers, and students benefitfrom universal connectivity and USB 2.0 compatibility to share largeamounts of data with any standard computer.1 These transfer rates were achieved connected to a Mac computer via the Thunderboltinterface and using AJA System Test.2 Determined by a test that approximates a real-world scenario in which the hard driveremained functional, despite aesthetic damage, after the product was driven over by anapproximately 1 tonne car (1,000 kg/2,205 lbs).



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