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Seagate Mobile SSHD HDD


NAND Flash

Product Details

Unparalleled Speed. Huge Capacity.

  • The new 32 GB NAND Flash option provides even faster speeds for ultimate gamer, creative professional and high-performance laptop experience
  • 8 GB and 32 GB NAND Flash technology performs up to 4× and 5× times faster, respectively, on application load times when compared to standard 7200-RPM HDDs
  • Easy PlayStation® or laptop upgrade saves time and helps improve productivity
  • Hybrid drives fuse the blazing speed of SSD with the high capacity, reliability and affordability of a hard drive
  • Thin 9.5mm drives for mobile storage.
  • Seagate® Secure Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options

Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.

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In Depth


SSD+HDD = Best Solid State Hard Drive for Creative Professionals and Performance-Hungry Users

Seagate Mobile and Laptop SSHDs integrate NAND Flash with traditional hard drive storage to create a hybrid drive with the blazing speed of NAND Flash and the huge capacity, incredible durability and affordability of a standard hard drive.

  • New 32 GB NAND option is at up to 25% faster when compared to current SSHDs with 8 GB of NAND Flash
  • 1 TB of massive capacity gives you the space you need to download, store and stream your media
  • Now equipped with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • By blending solid state storage with a traditional hard drive, Laptop SSHD reduces the wear issues associated with both technologies
  • Installs and works like a standard hard drive - no special device drivers required
  • Utilises NAND along with hard drive capacity for unmatched data integrity and reliability
  • Performance-optimised by Seagate Adaptive Memory™ technology



    Interface : SATA 6GB/s

    Form Factor : 2.5 Inch

    Limited Warranty : 5 year

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